Bridge Live v1.11 Unveiled By AJA Video Systems

The new BRIDGE LIVE update was developed in collaboration with Compressato and brings new enhancements to AJA’s HD UltraHD/multichannel publishing, streaming and deployment solution.

AJA Video Systems has released BRIDGE LIVE v1.11 for its powerful HD UltraHD or multichannel encoding, transcoding, decoding and contribution solution. The update introduces new features including HLS input, low VBR latency, E-AC3 input, and numerous user experience improvements for efficient Pipeline management.

AJA Video Systems releases BRIDGE LIVE v1. 11bridge LIVE is a turnkey 1RU solution that allows you to move UltraHD or multichannel HD videos between uncompressed baseband SDI to / from a variety of publishing, delivery and Streaming codecs (H. 265, H. 264, MPEG-2 and JPEG 2000). BRIDGE LIVE v1.11, developed in collaboration with Compressato, offers a host of new features, including HLS input functions to receive HLS streams and integrate them into SDI baseband productions.

The new HLS input supports AVC TS segments for H. 264 and the new fragmented MP4 standard for H. 265/H. 264. the new VBR implementation enables low latency presets and algorithmic intelligence, and a new E-AC3 input supports Dolby Digital workflows. In addition, pipeline upgrades include coexistence of different timebases, more efficient tools for managing presets, and REST API enhancements that allow calls to start and stop Pipelines individually.

“HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is one of the most widely used streaming protocols in the industry. The introduction of new HLS input capabilities for BRIDGE LIVE is a highly demanded feature that allows users to integrate high-quality HLS contributions into SDI ecosystems,” said Nick Rashby, President of AJA Video Systems. “BRIDGE LIVE v1.11 delivers new features that build on its robust enterprise-level video processing performance and further simplify publishing and streaming workflows.”

BRIDGE LIVE v1.11 is now available for download from the AJA website. The recent update comes by default with all newly purchased BRIDGE LIVE devices and is also available to existing users with an active maintenance contract. Customers without a maintenance contract can access bug fixes in version 1.11, but do not have access to new features.

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