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Libec announces the lightest video Tripods in the world Weighing only 3.8 kg, the recently announced libec NX-100MC / NX-300mc mid-level spreader systems are considered the lightest video tripods in the world compared to traditional video tripods.

To meet market demand, Libec announced its new NX series, a lightweight high-performance video camera tripod manufactured in Japan. While the demand for lightweight multifunctional tripods continues to grow, the NX series is certainly one of the best cost solutions to consider. According to the company, NX is “the lightest video camera tripod in the world.” The title, true, in October 2020, is based on research by Heiwa Seiki Kogyo for tripods type spreader middle level such as the NX-100MC and NX-300MC, the systems are video tripod with mechanism, pull and counterweight in several steps.

The new libec tripods offer high value in many filming scenes and support various cameras with a wide range of counterweights without compromising performance, quality, texture or appearance. NX challenges the conventional idea that”a lightweight tripod is risky or has low functionality.” Although the NX series is lightweight, it was awarded the 2020 GOOD DESIGN AWARD for” modern conceptual design ” and for the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.

The New libec NX tripods

Here is a brief description of the two models, the full specification of which can be found through the links to the Libec website, where you can find special web pages:

NX-100C / MC

The NX-100C / MC models are specifically designed for small cameras and their excellent counterweight system can balance even the lightest configuration of a mirrorless camera with a kit lens. In addition, the optimally regulated drag system offers high operability and a smooth start and stop of pivoting and tilting movements. The NX-100 series is ideal for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, small portable cameras and lightweight cameras.

NX-300C / MC

The NX-300C / MC models have an exceptional counterweight. These models cover a wide range of camera configurations with payloads from 2.5 kg to 10 kg. The NX-300 series is an indispensable tripod system that supports a wide range of small manipulated cameras, medium-sized portable cameras and professional manipulated film cameras.

The NX-100MC / NX-300mc intermediate tripods weigh only 3.8 kg and, as already mentioned, are considered the lightest video tripods in the world compared to conventional video tripods with adjustable drag and counterweights. This is achieved by closely studying the structure, materials and components, adjusting a new mechanism that significantly reduces the number of parts, and applying plastic parts to the main component without compromise.

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