Digital Anarchy launches Rough Cutter, a new text-based video editing plugin and web application for Adobe Premiere editors that allows you to instantly create video sequences by editing text from transcripts in Premiere Pro.

Digital Anarchy has announced its new solution for Adobe Premiere Pro editors, which users will appreciate the company’s tool: Transcriptive Rough Cutter. Based on Digital Anarchy’s A. I. transcriptive Plugin, Rough Cutter automatically and instantly creates new video sequences by analyzing the transcripts processed by video editors or their collaborators.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter can use transcripts from any source: Transcriptive-A. I., Adobe Sensei (A. I.) subtitles, human transcripts, etc.The changes in the sequence perfectly match the changes in the transcript and create an instant raw cut with a time code associated with each word.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter also adds a number of new features to the transcription workflow to streamline and simplify the creation, sharing, and collaboration of video projects in Premiere. The main new Features of Rough Cutter include:

With Rough Cuts, users can edit a transcript in Premiere and let Transcriptive create an edited sequence in Premiere. The changes made to the sequence correspond to the changes made to the transcript, creating an instantaneous draft.

Batch Processing: Transcriptive Rough Cutter adds three powerful enhancements to the user workflow, including:
Batch Project: Users can now select any Clip or sequence in the project window to transcribe to the batch, allowing them to easily transcribe multiple files once imported into Premiere;
Parallel processing: Multiple files are now transmitted simultaneously, significantly reducing the time it takes to transcribe large numbers of files;

Batch Alignment: Editors can now use the batch project to batch align Clips or sequences that have imported transcripts and need to be aligned. This is essential for using Adobe Sensei or human transcriptions, as they must be synchronized with the Audio of the clip/sequence. It also significantly reduces the time it takes to parse and align text and Audio for multiple files.

Sharing and Collaboration: Tight integration with Transcriptive Web App, Digital Anarchy’s web-based transcription and editing app, further simplifies collaboration between teams. Premiere editors can log in transcribe, import, share and edit transcripts online. By using comments and strike procedure changes, publishers, their customers or producers can create a paper edition and share their work with Premiere publishers or other web application users.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter: Evolution

Transcriptive Rough Cutter is a powerful tool for creating Premiere Pro sequences from text transcripts and developing Digital Anarchy’s AI-controlled advanced transcription platform, Transcriptive. Digital Anarchy adds, ” In this next generation version of Transcriptive (Transcriptive Technique 3.0), Rough Cutter has powerful features that allow video editors to use transcripts – from Transcriptive or any source – as a powerful, optimized and productive new editing workflow. By focusing on features and functions that intelligently optimize edited text to create video footage quickly and efficiently, Digital Anarchy has developed a new and innovative way to use text to edit videos in Premiere.”

Transcriptive Rough Cutter’s new Rough Cut feature allows video editors to edit sequences and Clips by simply editing the text of the generated transcripts. Premiere Pro editors who work with a sequence of one or more Clips can use the transcription text to literally cut videos and create new sequences; text changes in the transcription are reproduced as changes in the video, exactly in the places in the text where words, judgements or even paragraphs have been deleted. This creates a new assembly or raw cut that reflects changes to the original text.

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