Already in 2015, ProVideo Coalition noted that Sony Mobile was about to enter the drone market, but the company needed by 2021 at CES to announce its plans to enter the drone market. In November 2020, Sony announced the launch of its drone project, stating, “the recent release of drones has contributed greatly to the provision of hitherto invisible images, as well as workflow efficiency and energy savings in the industrial sector. Sony commissioned the Airpeak brand to reflect its desire to contribute to the development and creation of unprecedented value in the field of drones through its image and sensor technology as well as 3R (reality, real time and remote control) technologies.”

The next step was taken when the Sony Airpeak drone was presented to the public at CES 2021 fully digital, confirming the first Phase of a project to fully support the creativity of video creators. When we published the news about the drone, we also found that Sony developed the drone with feedback from professional drone users, but also looked for employees in the United States and Japan to participate in the Airpeak project.

The company now announces the Airpeak S1, the first model in the Airpeak line, ” designed with the aim of contributing to the development of drones and the creation of maximum value. The Airpeak S1 commercial drone will be the smallest drone in the world that can be equipped with a mirrorless α camera with full-frame interchangeable lens, enabling dynamic and precise flight with high agility using a proprietary motor, propeller, control system and sensor technology, and fully supporting the creative expression of its users.”

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Sony adds that the Airpeak S1 ” also supports the production of high-quality aerial images with a remote control that can control the aircraft at will, obstacle detection and automatic flight control via sensors and increased aviation safety via aircraft cloud management and flight information.

The Airpeak S1 reaches a maximum speed of 90 km / h, a maximum angular speed of 180° / s and a maximum inclination angle of 55°3. the drone has a maximum flight time of 22 minutes without payload and can fly up to 12 minutes when equipped with a heavy payload like the A7S III and the Fe 24mm F1.4 GM. The hot-swappable battery allows power exchange without turning off the aircraft for minimal downtime. An important note for the developers: the drone from Sony is equipped with a landing gear with open/closed legs in flight, which allows the gimbal to rotate without worrying about their appearance in pictures.

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