LumaFusion Now With Video Stabilization Feature

LumaTouch launches a new major update for LumaFusion and works with Coremelt to include professional video stabilization in the timeline, in addition to new audio effects and the user interface.

With the new update now announced, LumaFusion introduces a powerful new code base that enables a number of new free features that further enhance the mobile editing experience, including a new video stabilization feature developed in partnership with CoreMelt and based on the renowned coremelt lock-and-load stabilization technology.

LumaTouch also announced that this new update uses the new high-speed USB4 port of the new iPad Pro to allow editing of external drives. This is a significant gain for customers who want to create longer films or video projects that require large amounts of storage space. With external Drive editing, LumaFusion editors can now edit clips stored directly on external drives and connected to your iPad Pro via a USB-C cable. While the USB4 offers the best performance, LumaTouch has also enabled this valuable new memory-saving feature for any iPad Pro with USB-C.

LumaFusion also introduces a new graphic equalizer for audio that provides an intuitive interface to quickly and easily adjust and clean audio to get a perfect mix for any video. With 11 bands and a fully scalable user interface, the new graphics equalizer allows users to focus on audio design in a way that is never possible in LumaFusion.

Additional pro features coming soon

Also with this announcement, LumaFusion has reduced support for third-party audio effects plugins to AUv3 and added new features that allow users to select and organize the plugins they want to appear in LumaFusion. LumaFusion editors can use each plug-in’s custom interface (or control it with traditional lumafusion sidebar commands) to provide a personalized workflow experience. This new feature allows users to use their favorite audio tools directly in LumaFusion.

In addition, LumaFusion has added keyboards for all settings in effect editors and titles to simplify cursor and rotate commands for more accurate animation and precise adjustments.

LumaTouch also announced the release of two new “feature packs” sold separately as in-app purchases. These new feature packages will include a number of powerful and professional editing features and functionality that will give the LumaFusion workflow great flexibility and functionality.

As part of these feature packs, LumaTouch will add the highly anticipated multicam feature, an elegant new form of multicam editing optimized for a unique touchscreen editing environment for LumaFusion. Anyone who takes photos with more than one camera or a camera with an external audio source will see this as a way to easily and automatically sync their media with each other. This creates a “multicam clip” with perfectly synchronized sound and video, which can simply be placed on the LumaFusion timeline and, if desired, cut off with the Multicam Switch function.

All areas work in real time, so LumaFusion editors can instantly see and animate the results of the parameter changes to display the results during video playback. All ranges work for high dynamic range (HDR) and standard dynamic range (SDR) color spaces.

The LumaFusion Multicam and video scopes will be sold separately as part of a complete feature package ‘”Details of all new features and pricing for new feature packages will be announced at launch.

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