Teradek recently announced that the company is joining the NDI ecosystem, which means that owners of the Cube 700 series encoders can now add NDI for better quality and lower latency when streaming IP video.

Designated as one of the most efficient Cube 700 series protocols, NDI is now enabled for Teradek Cube 705 and 755 series encoders, allowing Cube 705 and 755 encoder owners to purchase an NDI license and use the new Option to transport accurate IP video without a remote cable.

NDI (Network Device Interface) was developed by NewTek and is considered one of the most efficient protocols on the market for the provision of local network video streams. It moves digital media live with a user’s existing software applications, computing devices, and networks. It preserves visual quality, image accuracy and sound synchronization while merging all production steps from start to finish.

Software-driven IP workflows have become ubiquitous in video production, ” said Michael Kornet, Vice president of NDI. “NDI-enabled devices such as Teradek Cube 705 and Cube 755 exponentially increase the video sources available for live production, creating efficiencies and opportunities for customers that didn’t exist before. NDI is the most widespread IP technology on the market, embodied by millions of customers who have access to it today.”

Because NDI adds video streams to a network, Cube owners no longer need to rely on long-distance HDMI or SDI cables. NDI also integrates seamlessly with vMix, TriCaster and other switchers. And for those worried about SRT, Cube owners can continue to use SRT for remote transport to a TriCaster and NDI for local check-in.

“Cube has always been considered the’ Swiss army knife ‘of video encoders and offers incredible flexibility in a tiny package,” said Michael Gailing, Teradek’s general manager for IP video and live production. “With NDI, Cube seamlessly integrates with all workflows, from remote contribution to on-premises IP ingestion.”

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